Tips and Tricks for the Smoothie Blends

To make smoothies seems very simple at first sight. You put your favorite fruits into a blender, add ice, pour some almond milk and blend. But it doesn’t work that way!

Smoothie is a drink with a thick consistency. A variety of fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs can be used for drinks. It is possible to combine in one drink different products, to fantasize, to experiment. And for a good result, you need to follow a few simple rules or recommendations if you like:

  • –    Use only ripe fruits and berries.
  • –    If the vegetables have a tough fibrous structure, it is better to use squeezed juice or boil them.
  • –    Before you put fruit or vegetables in a blender, cut them into small pieces.
  • –    Frozen berries should be half thawed, only to the point you’ll see some juice when pressing them.
  • –    For a thick smoothie, fruit should be used with a dense structure or you should add oatmeal soaked in milk. This cocktail can be used as a full breakfast.
  • –    If you want to prepare a low-calorie drink, choose dairy products with the lowest fat content, but best of all if you replace them with water or green tea.
  • –    It is good to combine opposite to taste products, so you can achieve a brighter flavor.
  • –    Fruits, berries, and vegetables are blended separately from the liquid, in this case, it is possible to obtain a more uniform structure of the cocktail.
  • –    Ice is added at the end, but don’t forget to pre-chop it in a blender.

These are just some of the rules for making smoothies in a blender. Following these recommendations, you will always get a great result. But do not be afraid to experiment. The larger and more diverse composition of the drink, the brighter, more saturated it will taste.

So, you have followed the recommendations and try to prepare a smoothie but something goes wrong. Don’t make haste to stop preparing it! Here are some tips and tricks to avoid mistakes and make your cocktails delicious. Let’s consider them.

Don’t Hurry!

Yes, smoothies are prepared quickly, but that does not mean you have to blend all the ingredients for 3 seconds. The drink will be lumpy. The best is to spend for the process for 1-2 minutes.

Add a Thickener

Add a thickener to the cocktail to get a creamy consistency. Peaches, apricots, mangoes, bananas are just the fruits that will help cope with the task. Also, you can use 1-2 tablespoon of soaked flax seeds or chia which contain the right amount of beneficial unsaturated fats. Grapes, oranges, watermelon, cucumbers and peaches contain a lot of liquid, so be careful if you want to get a more dense drink. Try to replace the ingredients to a less watery (avocado, banana, mango).

No Sugar!

The less sugar it is, the more useful smoothies are. Using any milk, choose the package with no sugar contents. Frozen berries, bananas, and almond milk are sweet themselves, and dates are the perfect ingredient to make a dessert smoothie. If you have taken a great interest in the process and added more bananas than they should be and the cocktail is too sweet, all can be corrected by adding some lemon or lime juice (1 tablespoon). Remember that the balance between ingredients with a lot of sugar and a little sugar always give excellent results.

Don’t Put Many Ingredients

We understand that you want to put in the blender all the useful ingredients at once. But remember the rule: less is better. In other words, choose three, maximum four ingredients. Otherwise, the taste will be very strange, especially when you add vegetables.

Don’t Add Too Much Ice

It will prevent fats of coconut and flaxseed oils, seeds or nuts from complete dissolving in the cocktail. Therefore, add the ice after all the others to control the resulting texture.

Smoothie Gives a Taste of Soil

Yes, yes, this often happens if you overdo it with lettuce, broccoli, kale. It’s better to choose spinach leaves or baby kale, carrots, cucumbers. The vanilla essence can correct the situation.

Smoothies Have a Lot of Fiber

If you like some ginger in your smoothie, then be prepared to deal with the fibers that remain in the cocktail after you mix all the ingredients in a blender. Household blenders can rarely cope with the fibers, then you can pull out them with a common fork (place the fork in a bowl with the smoothie and scroll to collect all the fibers).

As you see, the process of preparing smoothies should not become a normal routine for the sake of healthy food, let yourself sometimes have some fun and experiment with ingredients. Enjoy!

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