How Automatic Icemakers Work

Automatic icemakers in modern refrigerators have made our life easier. There are such kinds of icemakers as powerful industrial icemakers for production industry, professional icemakers for a sphere of public catering and hotel business, and household icemakers to make ice cubes at home.

People have learned to make ice recently. Some hundred years ago it was a deficit. In tropical countries, where there is absolutely no ice and snow, big block ice pieces that were imported. Only wealthy people could afford such luxury.

Fortunately, the situation was changed dramatically when the refrigerator appeared in the twentieth century. This device made it possible to store frozen food. In the sixties of the last century, an automatic icemaker was invented. Ice became more accessible for hot countries.

Since its invention, refrigerators and icemakers in them have always been improved, helping to make the process of obtaining ice more comfortable and less resource-intensive. Only the appearance and size have changed, the function has remained the same. The plastic form was the predecessor of the icemaker. Probably, everyone is familiar to its function. To make ice cubes, simply fill the form with water and place it in a freezer. And just in a couple of hours, you get a ready-made ice cubes for your favorite cocktails, or other purposes. Refrigerator icemaker is based on the same principle, the only difference is that the process of getting water and ice delivery is automated. Nowadays, refrigerator icemaker is an essential equipment for the bar, cafe or restaurant.

Modern automatic icemakers are placed directly in the refrigerator. They consist of an electric motor, the electric water valve, and electric heating elements. In addition, the icemaker is connected to water supply system.

An automatic icemaker work as follows:

  • –   First, click the button to receive the right amount of water. The water fills in a special tray.
  • –   After filling the tray with water, the icemaker should go into standby mode to full-frozen water.
  • –   After this, a special mechanism heats the tray to a certain temperature, so the ice cubes get out of the tray.
  • –   Then the blades push ready ice cubes to the front of the icemaker. The blades help cubes fall into the storage container.
  • –   Now you can use ice cubes.